Masked Love Bird Black-cheeked Love Bird Fischer's Love Bird Peachfaced Love Bird Abyssinian Love Bird Nyasa Love Bird Madagascar Love Bird Red-faced Love Bird

The African Love Bird Society (ALBS) is an international organization dedicated to the keeping, breeding, and showing of Love Birds. The term "Love Bird" refers to the nine species of small African parrots of the genus "Agapornis." We’re glad you’ve found us. Please take some time to browse around and enjoy yourself.

Photo credits: Black-masked Love Bird by Lee Horton; Black-cheeked Love Bird by Deb Sandidge; Fischer's Love Bird by Lee Horton; Abyssinian Love Bird by Vera Appleyard; lutino Nyasa Love Bird by Bodo Ochs; Madagascar Love Bird owned by Roland Dubuc, photo by Gwen Powell; Red-faced Love Bird by Gary Morgan. Photos reprinted with permission and copyrighted by their original owners. Do not reproduce without permission from the copyright holders.


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