Every 3 months, The African Love Bird Society publishes a journal that contains many articles about mutations, breeding, exhibiting, and caring for love birds. In each journal, there will also be a beautiful, color photograph. Here are some articles that have either been in past journals or are representative of those found in the journal. Joining ALBS signifies your commitment to the many species of African Love Birds. Please join ALBS and become part of our Love Bird family. For a list of complete articles in all Agapornis World journals. For information about when the next issue of Agapornis World will be received, please contact the Editor at  ALBS.editor@gmail.com Also, all articles can be submitted to that address as well.


***New*** Avian Influenza published in 2008 by American Federation of Aviculture

***New***Dinosaur feather evolution trapped in Canadian amber(From BBC News)

Red-faced Love birds (A Compilation of Past Articles)

Introduction to Love Birds
The Basics of Love Bird Care
Pet Potential?
Peachfaced Lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis)
Notes on the Eye-Ring Love Birds
Essential Genetics for the Terrified
Exhibiting Love Birds: A Novice Perspective
Breeding Tips for Beginners
Do I really want to do this?
The Rules
Cages & Cagewire
Rose-Headed: A Possible New Mutation in A. Rosiecollis?



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green fischer's lovebird
Photo credits: blue peachfaced lovebird by Vera Appleyard, black-cheeked lovebird by Deb Sandidge, Madagascar lovebird by Gwen Powell (bird owned by Roland Dubuc), Fischer's lovebird by Lee Horton.