Peachfaced Lovebird Genetics Calculator
Version 1.5 - Program by
Doug Bedwell

Welcome to the Peachfaced Lovebird Genetics Calculator. This program is written in the Java (tm) programming language. Most web browsers now support JAVA code, but If all you see below this text is an empty space, then you are not using a Java compatible web browser. Sorry.

This program allows you to quickly calculate the possible color combinations that can result from a pairing of any two peachfaced lovebirds. I have tried to include the most commonly available peachfaced mutations, though some have been omitted. All known mutations will be included in a later version of the program.

Several caveats about this program:
1. You will need to know enough about your parent birds to tell the program what mutations they carry.
2. The program only uses the accepted names for color mutations, and does not insert special names for combinations. For example, a "Creamino" will be shown as a "Dutch Blue Lutino", and a "Slate" will be shown as a "Dark Dutch Blue."

Future improvements may include:
Percentage possibilities of each color combination occurring.
Ability to print out results.
Additional mutations (American Yellow, etc.)
Seperate listings of visual and non-visual combinations.
The ability to select what bird you want, and determine what parent birds you would need.

If there is an interest, I will create a similar program for the Eye-Ring Lovebirds

Program written by: Doug Bedwell; Resources and development time provided courtesy of: CodeWeavers, Inc. Special thanks to Paul Crow, Janet Landvater, Darren Bedwell, Doree Bedwell, and Erika Garcia for their advice, help locating bugs, and Beta Testing.

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Photo credits: mauve masked lovebird by Phyllis Szurko