How do I tell if my peachfaced love bird bird is male or female?

REPLY - By Blake Ma

Peachfaced love birds are not sexually dimorphic. This means that there is no way to tell just by looking at them. There are 3 definite ways to tell the sex of a peachfaced love bird.

1) DNA-Sexing. There are many services online that will perform this for a fee, whether it's sending a toenail clipping or a plucked feather.

2) Surgical Sexing. Certain avian vets can do this, and they use a procedure called avian larynoscopy and they can tell you right away within minutes. They check to see if the bird has male or female organs.

3) Sex-linked mating. If the parents were sex-linked mating, then all females for example would look like the dad, and everything would be female. For example, a Green Opaline male x Normal Green female. All females will be green opalines, and all males will be normal green split to opaline.


Some people also use pelvic sexing, but it is not 100% accurate.


Blake Ma
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Photo credits: blue peachfaced lovebird by Vera Appleyard, black-cheeked lovebird by Deb Sandidge, Madagascar lovebird by Gwen Powell (bird owned by Roland Dubuc), Fischer's lovebird by Lee Horton.