Show Standards for the African Love Bird

1. Beak should be neat and well tucked in; head full and round; eyes centered, clear and bright
2. Neck should be full and wide
3. Shoulders should have no appearance of the neckline
4. Breast should be deep, broad, and well rounded, tapering graduallyto the tail
5. Back line should not be slack or hollow; almost straight
6. Wings should be held neatly in line with the body; flights must not droop or cross
7. Tail should be held neatly in line with body
8. Legs and feet should be straight and strong, firmly gripping the perch




Winner of the 1994 Great American
Medium green peachfaced Love Bird
Owned by Karl and Jean Wiley
Photo by Wayne Davis


Scale of Points
Size   15


Conformation   45
  Head 15
  Body 15
  Wing&Tail 10
  Feet 5
Color   15
Condition   15
Deportment   10

1995 National Show Winner at Home
Male Madagascar Love Bird
Owned by Jim and Janet Landvater
Photo by Landvater/Crow

Scale of points for Pied, Whitefaced, and Eye-ring Love Birds

Size   15
Conformation   35
  Head 10
  Body 10
  Wing&Tail 10
  Feet 5
Color   25
Condition   15
Deportment   10
home madagascar lovebird

green fischer's lovebird

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